Force-point Theory

This revolutionary study “Force-point Theory” supports on three logically build-up pillars.

  1. The truth; these is only to detect by starting at the source of the problem.
  2. The source; this concerns on the cosmic level the adopted and our expressive offered Big bang or primeval detonation happening.
  3. The elements; on the source of that explosion were it force and point.
    The force, the creatively acting cosmic intelligence, lay on the base of that explosion and still ensures it pressure or reduced pressure. This we see for example at the varying atmospheric pressure, at ebb and flood, and at the nuclear fusion on the sun surface. Everything is always in movement and this is also applies to the increasing insight, which evolves reversely by a fanatic.
    The point is the fictive dimensionless tool of the force at the primeval detonation. It knows, seen the principle of the infinity, extremes such as a varied mass with regard to compactness, and a degree of evaporation with regard to the thinness as the immaterial existence.
    This rarefied existence concerns the necessary frame to keep the components mutually on distance and on their place. This evaporated occur allows it also to approach the prehistory of the Big bang existence.

In the manuscript are all to this powerful point linked phenomena such as: sound, light, electromagnetism, radiation and even ideas, in a logical and mathematical manner treated.

I wish you much pleasure while reading it.

The authorJean M. Walry